Become a Board Member

The Board of Directors is all volunteer based and comprised of two types of members: voting merchant members and non-voting Advisors made up of representatives from key acquirers, card companies and service providers. The board is comprised of two types of members:

Merchant Board

The Merchant Board has voting rights and four Executive Board positions; Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The remaining Merchant Board members work on various functions, such as Education, Membership and Marketing to help run the organization

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has no voting privileges but functions as a knowledge base, serving as the pulse of the CNP industry, providing guidance and access to industry experts while also helping in Education, Membership and Marketing functions.

The PaymentsEd Forum is a not for profit organization and is wholly funded by annual membership/conference registration fees and sponsorship revenue received from Advisory Board Member companies. There is no financial sponsorship obligation for Merchant Board members.



Manage, develop and help shape the organization’s educational content and overall direction


Help plan and coordinate the annual forum and it’s educational content and direction


Active participation in board meetings and at annual forum and in various assignments throughout the year

Executive Board Opportunities



 Relationship building with merchants, acquirers, card companies, and service providers who influence the industry


Board companies and their representatives enjoy high visibility as representatives


Influence payment processing protocol and strengthen merchant education in this targeted market segment

Full Advisor Benefits

Still not convinced to join us?

If we haven’t convinced you yet then read more details below on what it takes to join the board as well as the many benefits for both merchant and advisor board members!

Benefits of Serving on the Board

  • Participation provides high level interaction and relationship building with merchants, acquirers, card companies, and service providers.
  • Board members enjoy high visibility as representatives in all meetings, communications, promotional materials, and the web site.
  • Flexibility to appoint and change their company representative for board meeting participation with approval of the PaymentsEd Merchant Board.
  • Influence payment processing protocol and strengthen merchant education in this targeted market segment.
  • Help members follow the rules, remain in good standing with their processors, lower fraud and chargebacks, etc. results in reduced potential costs, penalties and fines across all merchants in the industry.
  • Complimentary conference attendance.
  • At official board meetings, complimentary hotel rooms for attending merchant board members for the nights of the scheduled board meetings (excluding the Forum itself).  Advisor board members pay for their own hotel accommodations.
  • Provided meals as outlined in each agenda.
  • Board members (their respective companies) are responsible for their travel to and from the meeting and any other incidental expenses.

Eligibility Requirements

Potential board members must first meet the eligibility requirements for either merchant or non-merchant membership and be in good standing in the industry.

  • Merchant Board members serve a three year term.
    • Elected to a three year term by a majority vote of the merchant board.
    • May serve up to three consecutive three year terms (9 years total).
    • At least 12 months must elapse before they are considered eligible for re-election.
    • Voting done at annual forum to fill open board positions.
  • Provide at least eight (8) hours/month towards PaymentsEd activities and projects.
  • Given the time and travel obligations, merchant board members should obtain the support of their management.
  • Merchant board members must sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the care of confidential PaymentsEd information.

Advisor Board Members receive a full range of additional benefits listed here. Advisors applications are reviewed and appointed by the PaymentsEd Forum Merchant Board.