Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are fundamental to payments.  They identify the network and issuer, and provide other important information across the ecosystem.  As a result of recent and on-going growth in electronic payments and digitization, the industry’s supply of BINs is under pressure and there is a need to expand the supply in order to ensure a sustainable, safe and secure global payments ecosystem that can continue to grow and innovate.

MasterCard is taking several steps to expand its BIN supply and use BINs more efficiently.  On March 29th, MasterCard hosted a webinar, addressing key facts, dates and considerations related to BIN management, including steps to ensure your organization is prepared to support the new MasterCard 2 series range of BINs in 2016.


Tania Baptista – Vice President in MasterCard’s US Product Delivery Group

John Hierholzer – Vice President of Operations & Infrastructure – MasterCard US Market Development Team