The rise of shared economy businesses and e-commerce marketplaces has created a major operational challenge for payments professionals: how to send payouts in local currency to millions of contractors, sellers, drivers, and vacation owners around the world. Sending funds directly to the recipients’ bank accounts eliminates many hassles and is especially relevant for sending mass payments to gig workers in growth markets, as well as for processing refunds for purchases made with cash.

Key Learning Points:

  • Best practices for optimizing your cross-border payouts operation for growth markets.
  • Use cases from ride sharing, vacation rental, and freelance industries.
  • FX, taxes and other key considerations for Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, India, Turkey, and China.
  • How payouts to local bank accounts compare with prepaid cards and wires.
  • A typical flow of funds and timing.


Federico Mazzoli, Product Manager, dLocal and Danielle Gotkis, SVP of Marketing, dLocal