Risk or Opportunity: Authentication, 3DS, and fraud prevention in emerging markets

On October 1st, 2021 a new regulation on recurring payments in India defeated almost any SaaS business – local or domestic. The Reserve Bank of India implemented new rules for recurring online transactions, making Additional Factor Authentication (OTP verification) mandatory for recurring payments. And this is just the latest example. How does Spotify guarantee that users in Argentina will not have their subscription disrupted because a local credit card didn’t fit their global payment infrastructure? How do you make sure entertainment subscribers in emerging markets enjoy the same outstanding customer experience as subscribers in the established U.S. market, without being kicked out of their subscription due to the unfulfillment of local regulations? Merchants are expected to keep up with tax and compliance rules, navigate the plethora of local payment methods, and stay agile to dodge low transaction rates and high fraud potential. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.
Discussion Topics:
  • Strategies for delivering a seamless customer experience
  • Remaining compliant with regulations
  • Maintaining necessary security protocol

Webinar Replay