Merchant Board

Mathers, Josh

Josh Mathers, Chairman – PaymentsEd Forum

LifeLock - Payments Ed Forum

LifeLock, Inc., Compliance Manager
Josh Mathers was responsible for payment operations at LifeLock for over 5 years with an emphasis on improving the subscription billing lifecycle, managing payment operations, and improving customer retention. A key priority was to implement a new subscription billing platform and lead the charge of a large scale migration across billing systems. Josh is currently a Compliance Manager at LifeLock, Inc. with the primary focus being to preserve the company’s integrity by ensuring it stays on a lawful and ethical course.

Salerno, Kevin

Kevin Salerno,  Vice-Chairman – PaymentsEd Forum

Constant Contact, Billing And Payments Architect

Constant Contact - Payments Education

Kevin Salerno has more than 18 years of software development experience and is currently the Billing And Payments Architect at Constant Contact. Over the past 10 years, he has worked as a development lead in designing and implementing enterprise business systems and applications. A key focus of his has been designing and building a billing and payments solution that could scale to support Constant Contact’s evolving product catalog and maturing business models. Kevin plays a vital role in ensuring the payments solution minimizes organizational costs and customer friction while maximizing revenue and customer retention.

Jennifer Dailey-Helgestad, Treasurer – PaymentsEd Forum

Amazon, Senior Manager Payments Business Operations

Jennifer Dailey-Helgestad is a Senior Manager in the Payments Business Operations team for Amazon. She oversees the global team responsible for oversight of Payment Partners and the teams that liaisons between the Customer Service organization and Payments. Her teams focus on removing payment friction for customers while continuously improving the operational support for the multitude of Amazon businesses.

Barbara Hvasta, Secretary – PaymentsEd Forum

Verizon Connect, Senior Director, Global Partnership Development

At Verizon Connect, Barbara and her team focus on global partnership development, including commercial card and fueling card issuers and processors.  Her 20 years of payment experience includes vice president roles at Visa, Mastercard, US Bank and First Tennessee Bank.  Barbara’s well-rounded career encompasses business development in 24 countries, global team management, issuing and acquiring roles, global billing and payments for eBay and she participated in the Federal Reserve Bank’s Faster Payments Task Force.

Mathews, Jay
Jay Matthews

Jay Matthews has worked in the area of billing and payments for 20+ years.  His areas of responsibility include payments and fraud mitigation strategy and billing process management. During his time in the industry, Jay has had the opportunity to view payments from three different functional areas, Finance, Operations, and Marketing, which has given him a unique perspective on strategy development.  Jay holds a B.S. in Economics from Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Joshua Karoly

Netflix, Senior Manager Global Payments

Josh manages payment processing at in Los Gatos, CA. For over ten years he has worked for online merchants with auto-recurring subscription business models. During this time Josh has managed payment processing efforts, including revenue and fee optimization, fraud prevention strategies, the addition of new payment methods, as well as the expansion into international markets. Prior to Netflix Josh managed at SurveyMonkey, the world’s largest online survey platform, and before that at, the world’s leading online family history resource. He obtained his undergraduate degree from BYU and his MBA from Westminster College.

Kehn, Brian

Brian Kehn

HomeServe USA, Director of Billing

HomeServe USA

Brian Kehn is the Director of Billing at HomeServe USA. He manages the billing team day-to-day operations in a high volume transaction environment. He is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the billing system by establishing appropriate system of metrics and controls, maintains billing vendor relationships to ensure compliance with billing industry standards and supports client operational requirements related to new marketing efforts.

Joyner, Melissa

Melissa Joyner

The Juice Plus Company, Director of Global Payment Operations


Melissa Joyner is the Director of Global Payment Operations at The Juice Plus+ Company in Memphis, TN. She has led their Payment Operations team for the last 15 years through impressive global growth. Melissa has worked with numerous processors globally, managed and directed chargeback processes, managed the US Payment Operations and advised more than 20 countries on payment processes and best practices

Rhiannon Herrmann

Clarus Commerce, Senior Vice President of Operations

Rhiannon Herrmann is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Clarus Commerce in Rocky Hill, CT. She has led Payment Operations at Clarus for the last 10 years, overseeing recurring revenue optimization and fraud mitigation, as well as  maintaining payment vendor relationships.  Rhiannon is also responsible for sponsoring key technical initiatives that allow Clarus’ subscription platform to scale to meet client requirements for new marketing opportunities.  In addition to leading the Payment Operations team, she is responsible for several other key operational functions such as Customer Service and Project Management.

John Bopp

Asurion, Director of Billing Operations

John Bopp is the Director of Billing Operations at Asurion in Nashville, TN. He is responsible for the governance of a high-volume transaction processing environment within a company focused on helping customers enhance their lives through technology. He has managed payments within the functional areas of information technology, operations, and finance during his career in telecommunications and related services.

Calvin Chen

Google, Payments Partnerships

Calvin is a part of the Payments Partnerships team at Google. His team is responsible for Google’s global payment processors, tax invoicing partners, and ID&V partners. He has worked extensively on key initiatives to improve authorization rates, lower payment processing fees, and improve chargeback recoveries.

Denise Lindstrom

Expedia Group, Global Payments Manager of Operations

Denise Lindstrom has over 17 years of experience with Expedia Group, and is currently a Global Payments Manager of Operations. Her team is responsible for the end to end operational success of payment transactions within the EMEA region, partnering with technology, partner, vendor and program management teams to support the Expedia Group brands.

Eagle Advisors

Bauer, Polly

Polly Bauer

Polly Bauer & Associates

Founding chairman of the Payments Education Forum, Polly’s credit card expertise spans 45 years. She is past President and CEO of The Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation and best selling author of the award winning book The Plastic Effect. Her passion and commitment to helping merchants and consumers stay credit savvy, credit smart and payments profitable fuels her keynote speeches and drives her consulting business.

Radtke, Joan

Joan Radtke

Joan Radtke is the former Sr Director of Payments at EVINE Live, a digital commerce company that offers customers multiple ways to shop and interact via television, online, and on mobile devices.   Joan has been in the CNP industry for 20+ years and is recognized as a teacher, mentor, and guide in the credit card payments environment.

Rodriguez, Fred

Fred Rodriguez

HomeServe USA

HomeServe USA

An executive leader skilled in analyzing existing operations, building and implementing new strategies, processes, and technologies that improve productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency.  A payments professional leader who has volunteered countless hours to shaping PaymentsEd focused on educating payment professionals.

Executive Director

Lively, Laura

Laura Lively

Laura is the Payments Ed Forum Executive Director. She was the Sr. Credit Risk Operations Manager, eCommerce, Advance Auto Parts responsible for the areas of payments, risk, disputes, and fraud for Advance Auto Parts. She handled B2C eCommerce and Commercial eCommerce recurring billing channels. Previously Laura held positions with ShopNBC/Evine handling the operational portion of the Credit Department: including risk, fraud, and an inbound payment unit. Prior to moving into the retail & ecommerce environment, Laura handled fraud and investigations on credit, debit and commercial cards for two national banks.