Each year the PaymentsEd forum strives to provide the best in educational content in the industry. Here are this year’s track summaries and topics of focus.


Customer Experience & Global Unified Commerce

Leading multi-national merchants and industry providers will cover key considerations for enabling elite customer paying experiences. This track will focus on supporting unified global customer paying experiences across digital, omnichannel, mobile, and IoT experiences. This track will also cover multi-acquiring and orchestration strategies, supporting customer loyalty programs, enabling low-friction cross-border paying experiences, and using combined global analytics to make informed business decisions and get a single-view of the customer.

  • Multi-channel unified commerce experience
  • Cross-border performance
  • Adapting global strategies to local preferences
  • Multi-acquiring and orchestration strategies
  • Maximizing analytics globally
  • Omnichannel customer payment experience parity

Risk Management and Fraud Mitigation

Leading fraud prevention experts from industry and the merchant community will explore the latest emerging industry threats, how stakeholders can deploy both in-house and partner strategy to mitigate fraud and will explore risk management considerations for digital and omnichannel merchant environments. This track will explore how industry partners work together to implement best practices for fraud and financial risk mitigation, and how these partners do so in a balanced way to reduce friction in getting good customers through the checkout.

  • Emerging threats
  • Partner information sharing strategies
  • Product development (in-house and 3rd party tools)
  • Multi-factor authentication considerations
  • Best practices in partner selection
  • Considerations for digital wallets & payment facilitation models
  • PCI industry developments.

Payments Strategy & Operational Excellence

Explore cutting edge strategic considerations industry leaders are prioritizing in their payment acceptance and financial services strategies. This track will focus on operational excellence across digital and omnichannel environments for both customer and merchant-initiated transactions. This track will explore areas impacting acceptance roadmaps, including new industry rules and guidelines, emerging products, regulatory developments, and multi-stakeholder interest in reaching new customers through payment method diversification and evolving partner models.

  • Retry and chargeback management strategies
  • Subscription payment optimization
  • Global industry rules and regulatory developments
  • Online PINless debit developments
  • Tokenization strategies and considerations
  • Alternative payment method deployments
  • Partner models across financial services