Buy Now, Pay Later with Mastercard

Buy Now Pay Later solutions have gained popularity as a streamlined, flexible payment option that allows consumers to afford larger purchases more easily by stretching the payment over a longer period of time.
Join experts from Mastercard and Mercator, who will explore the latest trends in the POS financing sector, key considerations for merchants that are in different stages of adoption, and a view into where sector is headed in the future.
Discussion Topics:
  • Younger consumers lacking long credit histories have been looking for new ways to finance purchases and are averse to taking on more debt as they work to reduce existing debts, such as college loans.¬†This need for cash flow management is now expanding into other demographics.
  • For merchants, providing choice of payment options is critical as consumer spending habits change. Merchants are already seeing value in these solutions, as most POS financing options enhance cart conversion and increase average order value.
  • As BNPL becomes more mainstream, we will explore how merchants think about key factors like sustained ROI, integration, consumer control, and more.

Webinar Replay