Back to the Future: LatAm Next-Gen Payments in the Digital World

LatAm digital landscape is going through substantial changes; the eCommerce market is forecast to reach US$94bn in 2022; by 2025, 75% of Latin America’s population will subscribe to mobile services. Fintech is not the exception; its growth significantly increased due to the result of many regulatory changes that facilitated the creation of new payment and financial services.
Thanks to this, a sizable population is revolutionizing the payments ecosystem for online purchases from international merchants. Argentina released the first Uniform Virtual Key, called CVU, which allows users to make immediate money transfers between banks and virtual accounts, at no cost. Brazil is implementing instant real-time payments across all financial institutions. Mexico’s new fintech law is offering from micro-lending to digital banking, catered to leapfrogging traditional institutions such as banks and credit cards.
You Will Learn:
  • Payment ecosystem landscape in major markets like Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico
  • Learn more about CVU in Argentina, the new system for instant real-time payments in
  • Brazil, new regulations in Mexico, and more
  • Understand where is the payment landscape in LATAM going

Presenter: Michel Golffed, Vice President of Growth, dLocal


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