Concurrent Sessions A:
Introduction to eCommerce payments
Deep Tour Of The Dark Web – Exploring Where Fraud Comes From
Strategies to Advance U.S. Payment Safety, Resiliency and Security
Merchant Only Session – Reward Cards: Merchant High Cost of Acceptance vs. Realization of Expected Spend Lift

Concurrent Sessions B:
What’s the Best Way to Eliminate Ecommerce Friction? Get the Customer Involved!
Card Account Updater – Optimization and Non-Standard Uses
The Future of BINs: What You Should Be Doing Now to Prepare
PSD2 & Open Banking – What are the Implications in Europe and the U.S?

Concurrent Sessions C:
“Go Local Strategy for Growth Markets: Payments as a strategic lever to expand user base, grow revenues and drive repeat business”
Quiet Conversion: Greasing the Gears of Card-on-File
GDPR- The EU Regulation That IS Changing Data Privacy, Globally!
Monetizing LATAM: How to Run a Successful eCommerce Payment Operation in Latin America

Concurrent Sessions D:
Building a Credit Card Analytic Reporting Program
Successful Tactics for Achieving Sales Retention and Optimizing Your Recurring Payments Program
Mitigating Operational Pains and Reducing Chargeback Loss
Africa – The Next Digital Payments Revolution
Explosion of the Global Payouts Economy: Understanding the Challenges and Options for Processing Global Payouts

Concurrent Sessions E:
What is the Future of the U.S. Payment System?
Using BIN Analytics to Unlock More Insights From KPIs and Other Current Metrics.
Upcoming MasterCard Chargeback Changes
Authentication and Security in the Payments Ecosystem
Card Not Present Fraud Operations Survey

Concurrent Sessions F:
Benefits of Adding Debit and ACH Support
Recycling Benchmarking Survey
Building A Compelling Chargeback Response
Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Combatting Account Takeover

Concurrent Sessions G:
Case Study: Finance and Technology Fusion-How two Access Companies Combined Efforts to Win
The Future of Payments
The BIG Checkout Abandonment Problem: Build a Payment Experience that Converts
Crossing the chasm: Making 1-click and recurring payments work in LATAM

Concurrent Sessions H:
A Digital Wallet Operator Solution to Reduce Cost and Fraud
Collaborating with Issuers to build Growth
Defining a Global Payments Vendor Strategy


Conversational Commerce with Openless Apps
Customer Experience: A prerequisite for payments and commerce innovation