The DRF PaymentsEd 2016 Forum  in Charlotte, North Carolina welcomes payment professionalspayments education 2016 DRF PaymentsEd Forum specializing in card-not-present and card-on-file (mail, phone, internet, mobile) consumer payments.

The professionals who attend the forum represent a broad range of disciplines including: Accounting and Finance, Product and Development, Call Center Operations, Cash Management, Catalogue & Fulfillment Operations, Chargebacks and Disputes, Consumer Fraud, Credit Card Operations, Credit and Collections, Consumer Payments, Customer Service, Financial and Technical Systems, Loss Prevention Managers, Marketing and Risk Management.

When registering for the forum, registrants must classify themselves according to their employers’ profile.


To be considered a merchant member attendee at DRF PaymentsEd 2016 you must be employed by a merchant company that conducts its business directly with consumers in a customer not present environment.  There is no limit to the number of merchant members from within the same company who can attend.


To be considered a non merchant member attendee you must be employed by a company that supports the CNP Payment Industry, such as Acquirers, Processors, Card Networks, Alternative Payment Providers, Service Providers, and Consultants. The DRF PaymentsEd Forum is not a place for sales, marketing or business development professionals, since sales or promotion is not a part of the Forum.

  • Non-Merchant attendees and their companies participate at the discretion of the DRF PaymentsEd Forum Board of Directors who reserves the right to limit or refuse attendees.
  •  Non-Merchants must provide evidence that they are doing business with at least one DRF PaymentsEd Forum merchant who is in attendance at the Forum or the attendee must be invited by the board to speak at the event.
  • The DRF PaymentsEd Forum Board of Directors reserve the right to ask attendees signing up under the wrong classification to re-register.
  • The DRF PaymentsEd Forum Board of Directors reserves the right to determine the classification and fee of all Forum registrants.

The DRF PaymentsEd Forum offers comprehensive resources, training and updates, across the entire spectrum of the payments industry including:

  • Operations – optimizing payments program, taxation, analytics, treasury functions, etc.
  • International – payment methods, emerging and alternative payments, risk, operations, and domicile issues.
  • Domestic payment methods – credit, debit, ACH, emerging and alternative payments.
  • Risk – PCI, Business Continuity, Chargebacks, Legal and Regulatory, and Fraud Prevention.

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