The PaymentsEd 2017 promises to be the best educational and networking event in the industry. Our sessions will cover a wide range of topics helping our attendees learn from some of the best in the industry. Check out some of our sessions!


Payment KPIs – Managing Payments by the Numbers

What metrics are your peers watching to manage and prioritize their business and where do they get the numbers?

BIN Level Analytics – Payments are not Logical but Data Don’t Lie

Discuss diving into your payments data with a panel of your peers to find how to navigate through the BIN data in the search for profit or savings.

Decrypting tokenization – Internal, 3rd party provider and network

What are the differences between tokenization offerings from gateways, acquirers, networks, and your in-house solution? This session will take you through the various options and what factors you should consider

Fireside Chats With Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

This merchant only discussion allows you to connect with the card associations in an intimate session. Come ask your questions in an open format.

Real time account updater – Save time and make money in real time

Account updater is getting a major upgrade. Learn how you can shift from the current batch processing to updates in real time.

How to Run a Successful Vendor RFP

Learn best practices for preparing and executing a successful request for proposal process. This includes gathering your business requirements, composing an RFP document, selecting prospective vendors, RFP response scoring, and vendor selection.

The future of payments – from the leaders of payments

Payments are evolving to align with the ever changing point of purchase landscape, emphasizing the critical importance of readying your business to keep pace.  In this session, senior leaders from across the payments industry will their insight on both near future and farther reaching impacts to payments and what they have done/are doing to help lead the way.

Costs in Payments – What does it Cost to Pay?

What separates the sophisticated merchants from their peers is their ability to clearly state their cost of payments.  This session identifies the elements required to determine how much payments cost your company and how to clearly define what operational costs are within scope and the tactics to drive success.

Optimize your payments performance with automated data

Tactics to spend less time gathering payments reports and crunching numbers, and more time optimizing performance. You’ll walk away with automation tips that ditch spreadsheets and help you compare provider performance, understand your ROI and assure you don’t fall below your payments goals.

Improvements to payment speed and security are coming, will you be prepared?

The Federal Reserve and nearly 500 payment system stakeholders have joined forces as part of the Federal Reserve’s Faster and Secure Payments Task Forces.  During this session, you will learn more about what’s to come and how the work underway to improve America’s payments ecosystem could impact you.

Why use multiple processors?

What benefits do merchants see by leveraging multiple payment providers?  Merchants will share their experiences, pain points, and lessons learned

Recurring payments – Tools of the trade

What tools do recurring merchants use to optimize recurring billing performance?  How does payment method mix and mobile impact this process?

Recurring payments – Case studies

Merchant case studies on how merchants have tackled involuntary churn

Merchant Only Account Updater Round Table – Account Updater You Once Were Lost, but Now Are Found

This merchant only roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss best practices and ask your questions in an open format with your peers.

Merchant Only Recurring Round Table – Keep Recurring Recurring ‘Til Death Do Us Part

This merchant only roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss best practices and ask your questions in an open format with your peers.

Shining a light on the transaction lifecycle

All of the hops between merchant, gateway, processor, network, and issuer are like a game of telephone – there’s signal degradation every hop, and this happens in BOTH directions.  Join in our discussion as we trace transactions from one end to the other and back again to understand how to address key areas of opportunity.


Introduction to ACH – Check Please?

What is ACH and how does it work? Lean the pros and cons of accepting checks in your business.

Introduction to Chargebacks – What do They Mean to You?

What is a chargeback, how are they received, how do you respond, and what does a chargeback mean to your business?

Introduction to eCommerce Payments Processing

Come discuss what it takes to process payments when the customer and the card is not present.

Risk / Faud

Merchant Only Chargebacks Round Table – Share your Pain, Share your Advice

This merchant only roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss best practices and ask your questions in an open format with your peers.

ID Theft – Is it a payments problem?

ID Theft – Is it really a payments problem?

Legal update

What’s new in the payments legal scene?

Internet crime complaint center – IC3

The mission of the Internet Crime Complaint Center is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity and to develop effective alliances with law enforcement and industry partners.

Update on PCI DSS

What is the latest with PCI DSS?  Are there upcoming changes that you should be aware of?  Join us for a detailed rundown of how PCI is changing.

Fighting Fraud – Internal vs External Tools

How should merchants balance the responsibility of fraud prevention between in-house tools & solutions versus 3rd party provider offerings?  What are the lessons learned from experienced merchants?

Smart Risk Management

Fraud prevention tollgates add friction, processing time, and customer dissatisfaction.  This session will discuss the necessity of a comprehensive end to end risk management framework that allows companies to be more innovative, profitable, and customer friendly.

VISA VCR chargeback representment changes

The upcoming VISA Claims Resolution process changes the flow of customer disputes.  How will this October 2017 change impact your teams’ process and how are acquirer tools changing to accommodate?

The CNP false decline puzzle

Are good customers who transact online suffering a bad purchasing experience?  What causes false declines and the dreaded DO NOT HONOR and is there anything that merchants can do about it?

3D Secure 2.0

For Card-Not-Present and Omni-Channel merchants, 3-D Secure doesn’t have the best reputation. Introduced in the early 2000s, 3DS often introduced friction into online transactions, and caused cart abandonment and lost sales for merchants. Fast-forward to today … issuers and solutions providers have developed risk-based techniques to authenticate many transactions behind the scenes, and EMVCo is developing the next generation of 3-D Secure authentication protocols. Join us for an update of what is happening with EMVCo and the card networks, what the timeline for 3DS 2.0’s release is, and how merchants will be affected.


Outgoing payments

We primarily focus on the processes of collecting payments.  Many merchants face the additional challenges that come from remitting payments.    Learn the ins and outs of this often overlooked area.

Improving authorization rates internationally

What methods and tools do merchants have at their disposal to improve authorization rates outside of the US?

International Payments – Where Cards are the Alternatives

Learn how when doing business internationally you may need to accept many payment types and not assume everyone uses credit cards.

International Payments – Local or Cross Border: Which is best for you?

Processing payments with a cross border setup is an easy way to get in to international payments but it’s only the start. Should you do cross border or should you go local? Learn what you should consider in making this decision.

Payments in Australia – Payments in the Land Down Under

Learn the subtle but important differences between Australia and other regional payments processing

Payments in India – 20 Million of 1 Billion – Your Choice!

Although you can process cross border in India, you will only reach 20 million consumers. Accepting local cards allows over 1 billion people to do business with your company.

Payments in LATAM – Navigating Diversity in Latin America

The LATAM region includes many closely related countries, but the payments landscape can be very diverse.  Learn to navigate this important and complicated scene.