Key Note Speakers

DRF PaymentsEd Forum Keynote Speakers

Andy Papathanassiou
NASCAR Visionary and Motorsports Industry Innovator

When Andy Papathanassiou talks about being in the fast lane, he’s referring to something other than his life experiences. Starting in 1992 as the “pit crew coach” for Hendrick Motorsports, DuPont, Sprint Cup Race Team, Papathanassiou has been an integral part of the team building and communication talents that have led to many victories on the NASCAR Circuit

DRF PaymentsEd Forum Keynote Speakers

Steve Rizzo
The Attitude Adjuster

Did you know…that Steve Rizzo, PhB. was a national headline comedian with opening acts like Drew Carey, Rosie O’Donnell, and Dennis Miller, to name a few? Did you know…that Rizzo appeared on many network and cable TV shows and was voted a “Showtime Comedy All-Star?” Did you know…that he walked away from a flourishing stand-up career?

DRF PaymentsEd Forum Keynote Speakers

Anita Boomstein

Anita Boomstein is a partner in the Banking and Financial Services Group at Hughes Hubbard & Reed. She specializes in credit cards and payment systems, electronic commerce, privacy and the development of retail financial products and services. She has worked extensively on the development of credit, debit, prepaid, and stored-value card products.

Anita advises merchants on a variety of payment laws and regulations, payment network rules, and PCI requirements. She continues to provide to DRF attendees explanations of complicated CNP legal subjects and regulatory issues using terminology that DRF attendees can understand and use.